Feeling Loved

Suprise birthday roses from my brother.

Suprise birthday roses from my brother.

Upon returning home from my birthday mini vacation I opened my car door to several fun suprises. First was a box from Pro-flowers filled with these beautiful red roses with a card reading, “Happy Bithday! The number doesn’t matter.” After a little investigative work I found the sender was my brother. I am so lucky to have two brothers that make the world around them a better place by being outstanding men and husbands. I am blessed to be their sister.

The second suprise was a collaborative effort from my Mom, Dad, and son. My Mom made some posters with fun “50” sayings on them. My Dad brought them to my house where my son taped them all around for me to see. The thought and effort behind the surprise were heart-warming and an affirmation of their love. 0822150951a0822150951b08221509520822150952a14405079161581775600932144050799648958533133614405080541991485893777

The best birthday gift is the love given so freely from the people who have seen me at my best AND my worst. Thank you family!

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