By the light…of the silvery moon…

So, it’s almost that time of year again, Autumn. Uugh! Just typing the name of this season makes my blood pressure rise. Most of my friends know not to mention anything about the season of Fall. They know that such a conversation will cause me to pull out my soapbox, climb up and begin a passionate speech against this season of colored leaves, cooler temperatures and pumpkins.

But, truth be told, it doesn’t have anything to do with the things of Fall. It is really just the fact that it comes! My love of Spring and Summer are so great that when Fall opens the next chapter of the year I, like a spoiled child, get grumpy. All of the hopeful planning that happens in Spring, all of the early sunrises and late sunsets with fun and hard work squeezed in between, all of those things, come to an end.

Thankfully, for everyone who does love the Autumn season, I’m not in control. Our loving God knows what is best and so in prayer, I will begin my harvest work looking for the things to be thankful for along the way.

One of those jobs on the end of season list is to pull the plastic and water lines from our onion field. For the last 10 years we have been growing Candy onions. At first we grew them commercially under contract, but found the work load too great with our other commitments. Not wanting to give up growing onions, we moved to growing them for our own clients.

2015's sad onion crop. Not a good growing season

2015’s sad onion crop. Not a good growing season

After harvesting the onions in August the final step in the process is cleaning up the field to make it ready for the next year.

Pulling the plastic fromthe onion row

Pulling the plastic from the onion row

By the time I got to this job the day was coming to a close and darkness was near. Doing the job this late in the day ended up being a blessing, the temperatures were cooler, my plastic is silver making it easier to see in the dark and God provided a beautiful full moon for me to accomplish my work.

My silvery moon

My silvery moon, it looked much bigger in the field

Reluctantly, I will go forward  into this season of Fall seeking God’s goodness, being purposefully thankful so as to “turn this frown upside down.”

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