Just like riding a bicycle…

Dear Husband and I are preparing for an adventure. DH is used to preparing for such things. He regularly takes hunting trips to various parts of the country and, although we lead fairly physical daily lives, hiking in elevated mountainous terrain requires some body conditioning before the adventure begins.

But this next venture is not a hunting trip and not Dear Husband’s dream. It is mine, he just reluctantly agreed to go along.

Growing up in the country, I spent a LOT of time on my bicycle. Houses in my neighborhood were spread out, and our country roads were quiet with very little traffic. It was a perfect place to hop on your bike and pedal around the country neighborhood visiting friends or just pedaling off some excess energy(something you only have in youth!) And as I grew into my early teens my bicycle gave me some independence to explore not only places but also my physical abilities. I learned that I liked a challenge.

Fast forward to now, some 30 years later, and my love of bicycling hasn’t left me. The comforting old adage, “It’s just like riding a bicycle” lives deep in my heart. And when Dear Husband chose to purchase a new bicycle for me for Christmas this year, little did he know what that bike under the tree would mean for him.

With a milestone birthday having just past, and the reality that both my babies are now in high school, one now driving, I feel the need to take on a few new challenges for myself. After reading about the GAP and C&O bike trails that allow bicyclers to ride from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C., I knew this new bicycle & I were destined to take on this 330 mile adventure.

We now have one month left until the trip. Dear Husband and I have been putting in as many hours of riding as possible so that our stamina and bodies are prepared for 7 days of riding and camping these two trails.

Dear Husband on the trail

Dear Husband on the trail

A great part of this experience already has been spending the hours of training together. After 27 years of marriage you would think there isn’t much more we could learn about each other, but in training side by side we’ve enjoyed seeing new character traits that hadn’t come up before.

taking a water break at the end of the trail in Freeport, PA

taking a water break at the end of the trail in Freeport, PA

I can see now that what I thought was just going to be a fun physical challenge to cross of my bucket list has really been God’s hand opening my mind and heart, reminding me of all the many blessings that surround my path.

taking in the view on the trail outside Freeport, PA

taking in the view on the trail outside Freeport, PA

So join me in counting them, the journey continues, the adventures await. Come on, “it’s as easy as riding a bike.”

Butler/Freeport, Pa Bike trail

Butler/Freeport, Pa Bike trail

One thought on “Just like riding a bicycle…

  1. I have so many questions. How many miles will you ride a day? This sounds so fun. By the way, we both got a new bike and turned 50 – big year for both of us!


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