Recently I read a line in a prayer that said, “Father, make Yourself so big in front of me that I can’t see around You. Make Your truth so real that I have to deliberately ignore it.” I have spent many quiet moments rolling those words around in my head wondering how often I may have “deliberately ignored” God’s path for me. How often has the presence of God been jumping up and down right in front of me and I have been so distracted by life’s fast pace that I missed Him.

Monday night I got to escape from the never ending “to do” list and spend a few hours with some friends. Getting away is really hard and no matter what event it is, in the couple hours leading up to leaving I always have the same thought, “Is this worth it?” It would be much easier to stay at home and stay focused on the many jobs at hand, fall into bed and work at it again tomorrow so that I can see my accomplishments all around me.

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And although working hard is good, the Bible story of Mary and Martha stands as a lesson to us “all work and no play” people. I would most certainly be the person racing around planning, preparing and cleaning for company to visit my house. And even with Jesus as one of the guests, his presence right in front of me, I would be in the kitchen filling plates or cleaning up.

I am grateful for this group of friends and our time together. Their comforting words in times of trouble, cheering in times of celebration, wisdom in times of struggle, and their “presence right in front of me” remind me that God is working in my life. He works through these beautiful ladies.

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