A License to Drive

We have reached another milestone in the lives of our family. Honorable Son #1 is officially a licensed driver.

Newly licensed driver

Newly licensed driver

While he took his test, I sat in the lobby of the driver’s exam center praying this prayer from a book titled Praying The Scriptures for Your Teenagers by Jodie Berndt, “As #1 Son drives, keep him in perfect peace. Make his way smooth, and let him follow your laws–including things like speed limits!”(Isaiah 26:3-8).

This book has become a valued tool for me as my sons have entered the teenage years. In the foreword, the author says, “Watching our kids grow, test their boundaries, and step out on their own–making good decisions and bad ones–demands an amazing kind of love. One of the best ways we can express this love is through prayer.”

When the boys were young my prayers were often for myself and seeking a clear mind to make the right choices FOR my kids. Now, as they have to begin the process of making their own choices, I find myself filling with worry and struggling with the desire to “helicopter” parent their every decision. That is where this book has made a difference. The wide range of topics pertaining to teenagers, with stories from other parents of teenagers having struggled, along with scripture verses arranged in prayer form have given me a place of comfort and clarity. I have found what the author says to be true, “taking the actual words in the Bible and turning them into prayers…became less of a “duty” and more of an adventure.”

So while he ventures out with his newly found freedom, you will find me with my hands folded in prayer trying not to hold my breath through this new season of life.

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