A is for Apple, Apple, Apple!

For the last week I have been peeling apples…yes, a week!

apples 2015

apples 2015

Here on our haven of hills we have a variety of wild growing apple trees. Many are located beyond our everyday foot travels and serve as a first come- first serve buffet for the non-domesticated critters sharing our land. And then there are two trees that drop apples in places that require us to collect them or suffer the mess and bees that come from neglecting that duty. For the past several years I have taken the apples from one of those trees, peeled and cut them into pieces, and frozen them in quart size bags to be made into applesauce at meal times. Because we don’t spray or tend to the trees in any way, the apples require a lot of trimming to get a palette-able product.

This year, though, seems to be a year of apple-abundance. Not only are the apples exceptionally big and blemish-free, but there are also LOTS of them. For a change, the apple blossoms made it through our past spring without suffering a frost, and now we reap the reward. Or, as I have been mumbling in my thoughts, the curse. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the blessing of our home-grown apples and will be equally grateful for the yummy apple treats in the middle of winter when I pull them from the shelf or freezer. But right now they require much time, time that is always in short supply around here, especially in the fall when there are many things to “put to bed” before the winter snow.

I have thought some unpleasant phrases that I would say to Mr. Johnny Appleseed if I crossed his path right now.

Image result for johnny appleseed

I have a few more days of apple peeling ahead, and am looking forward to the weeks ahead when I can once again enjoy an apple treat without a paring knife in my hand or sticky apple peels spilling out all over the kitchen floor.

canned apple treats 2015

canned apple treats 2015

apple pies headed to the freezer 2015

apple pies headed to the freezer 2015

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