25 Days of Cookies, day 3(with a side of chicken legs)

This was a day filled with errands which left only a little time for cookie baking. Luckily today’s cookie was an easy one and one requested by Honorable Son #2 a couple of weeks ago, Rice Crispy Treats. I almost feel like this is cheating to count this as baking a cookie, but the idea behind this “gift of cookies” is to bring joy to the men in my house and these Rice Crispy Treats were no sooner pressed into the pan when Honorable Son #2 entered the kitchen seeking permission to begin consuming this gooey, warm bar-cookies . Mission accomplished!


Ingredients for Rice Crispy Squares

Marshmallow Crispy Bars(generic brand recipe)

6 c Crispy Rice Cereal

4 c mini marshmallows or 1-10 oz package regular marshmallows

3 TBS Butter

Melt butter over low heat in a large saucepan. Add marshmallows and stir until melted. Remove from heat. Add rice cereal, stirring until well coated. Press mixture into buttered 13 x 9 pan using a buttered spatula or buttered wax paper. Cool completely. Cut into squares.


Melty marshmallow goodness!


Finished Rice Crispy Squares

After completing the cookie of the day, I had one more project to tackle before I could crawl into bed(besides typing this blog, that is), finish building a pair of chicken legs. This past Spring…ahh, Spring, my favorite time of year…let’s all think Spring for just a minute…warm breezes, green leaves, yellow forsythia bushes, freshly tilled soil(sigh)…ok, back to reality…this past Spring Dear Husband and I took a trip to the Lancaster, PA area to look at a truck. On the way home we made a stop in Bedford, PA where I found two quilt shops located on Main Street of this quaint little town. One shop was closed but the other, Mary’s Quilt Shop was open and I took full advantage of this unexpected break from the many hours of driving to soak in every inch of the wonderful little shop and came away with a small piece of fabric and an adorable fabric chicken pattern to use it on.


Mary’s Quilt Shop, Bedford, PA


My mother-in-law loves chickens and her kitchen/dining room area reflect that love, this pattern was going to be perfect for a birthday gift in September. I had lots of time to get this chicken together, right? But as usual, time marches forward at a faster pace than me and come September on the day of her (BIG NUMBER) birthday, there were no chickens sitting, walking or even flying around my sewing machine area.


Chicken without legs 😦

Fortunately, this chicken pattern goes together fairly quickly and the instructions are pretty straight-forward. I was able to complete the chicken but without legs, because I discovered that I hadn’t purchased enough wire to make the hen’s legs. So this newly birthed hen was placed in a large basket without her legs and surrounded by (BIG NUMBER) of chocolate chip cookies-one of Dear Mother-In-Law’s favorites and one cookie for each year of her blessed life. After giving her the gift, I told her that I would someday soon, when I had all the correct materials, steal back her new chicken to finish her off with a set of legs.


wire for chicken legs

On Thanksgiving Day the chicken returned home with me and finally this evening she got a set of legs. Building the chicken’s legs took almost as much time as all of her sewn parts, but I think she now has a set of legs she can be proud of, no more hiding in a basket for this chicken!


Chicken legs under construction


assembled chicken legs

Chicken ready to dance at your wedding with her new legs!

Now it’s off to bed for me…what cookie will it be tomorrow…?

6 thoughts on “25 Days of Cookies, day 3(with a side of chicken legs)

  1. Okay, I’m coming to your house to get a cookie! I need to make some of these, not like they are all that complicated. Especially good with chocolate or butterscotch chips! Perhaps I’ll make a batch for our Christmas celebration. Did you throw a little flour and water in your face when you were done? (like the commercial that used to be on for these)

    The chicken is adorable! What a fun pattern.


  2. You are so creative! I love that chicken. I have never loved chickens before, but this one is so cute! I love his legs…you did such a great job.


  3. I love the chicken. I recently visited an old friend in Utah, (she works in this adorable little quilt shop) and she gave me a handmade chicken pin cushion. I’ll have to send you a pic – it’s adorable, but not as elaborate as yours!


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