25 Days of Cookies, day 4

Today’s cookie choice came to me at 4:30 am, and no, it wasn’t a vision in my dreams. When I sat down with Dear Husband as he ate his breakfast before leaving for work, my Family Recipe binder was laying open on the table from the night before when I had been searching for a salad recipe. After finishing flipping through the pages I had left the binder on the table. As my sleepy, bleary eyes cleared this morning the recipe open for reading was my Aunt Bertha’s Orange Cookie recipe. I don’t remember the last time I made this recipe, but it seemed to be the perfect choice for today’s baking treat and I had all the ingredients.


Orange Cookie ingredients


Orange Cookies ready for baking

Orange Cookies

2 c Sugar     1 c Shortening     2 Eggs

Cream together sugar & shortening, Add eggs.

2 Oranges     1 tsp Vanilla

Grate orange rind from oranges and squeeze juice to approximately

3/4 c (save 1/4 c for icing).

Add rind, juice & vanilla to creamed mixture.

Mix together:

3-4 c Flour     2 tsp Baking Powder     1/2 tsp Soda     1 tsp Salt

Alternately add flour mixture and 1 c Milk to creamed mixture, mixing well between each.

Bake @ 350 for 15 minutes.


2 c Powdered Sugar     2 TBS Butter     Enough Orange Juice to make Icing spreadable

The cookie dough for this recipe is very soft. I baked 1 sheet of cookies as a test before deciding if I had enough flour added. I wanted them to remain tender, but not spread out too much. The dough is easier to work with if you put it into the freezer to chill and only remove it to drop some more onto a cookie sheet. I used a Pampered Chef cookie scoop to plop the dough onto the sheet and have all my cookies turn out the same size. And, I always use parchment paper, it makes clean up a snap and my cookies never stick to the pans.

Also, I added a little bit of vanilla to my icing, just to get that “creamsicle” kind of flavor and I needed more than 2 oranges to get 3/4 c of orange juice. I am sure milk could be added to the orange juice if you only had 2 oranges on hand. The men living here were sampling both iced and un-iced cookies and decided that the icing added a lot of orange flavor to the finished product.


Orange Cookies

Baking these cookies made the house smell so yummy and inspired me to begin making a Pomandor Orange Ball. It needs more cloves added, they are on the shopping list, but you get the idea. Now I can have that delicious orange aroma long after the cookies are gone.

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