25 Days of Cookies, day 15

The cookie sheets got another rest today, but not because I skipped a day. Today’s cookie is made in mini muffin pans, the Pecan Tassie. This is another one of those cookies that only seems to make it to the oven at Christmas time but is enjoyed by Dear Husband(& me too! I mean who doesn’t love a pie disguised as a cookie?!?)

I found a little history about this cookie’s beginning:

Apparently, once upon a time in the 13th century, the French and Scots formed a political and military alliance that lasted nearly four centuries (known as The Auld Alliance). During this era, the cultures influenced each other in a variety of ways including – bien sur – in the kitchen. French speakers reading along may have already realized that “tas” is the word for cup in that language. Apparently, the Scots adopted the term and the technique into their baking, making “cup” – or “tassie” sized treats – with nuts.        from – http://forkontheroadblog.com/2011/12/07/teensy-tiny-pecan-tassies-perfect-for-holiday-giving-and-eating/

The recipe I followed is one that I got many years ago from a friend & co-worker.

Nut Tassies

2 1/2 c Flour

2 sticks of Margarine(I used Butter)

8 oz Cream Cheese

Soften butter, add cream cheese, add flour a little at a time-Mixing thoroughly. Dough can be refrigerated at this time. Press 1″ balls of dough into each pan of small muffin pans. Add tsp of Filling Bake 20-25 minutes @ 350 degrees.

Filling 1 lb Brown Sugar(light)

4 Eggs (beaten)

2 tsp Vanilla

2 TBS Melted Butter

Beat together-then stir in:

1 c Chopped Nuts


Pecan Tassies

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