25 Days of Cookies, day 19

Day 19 was a day filled with lots of preparing. Our church Sunday school youth Christmas program was the following day and along with helping to organize and direct the program, I also was putting together the refreshments for after the program finished. Along with those duties, I was baking several things for Sunday school teachers gifts and among all the baking I had to make a trip to the church to make sure things were ready before the next morning’s chaos.

With such a busy schedule I “cheated” for the cookie of the day, and Dear Husband and Honorable Sons were sure to fake their displeasure. Of course, while they hollered “Foul” they gobbled up the “cheat” cookie for the day, Christmas Foder.

Christmas Foder is a white chocolate covered mixture of things that I have been making to give as gifts for quite a few years and this year is no exception. Often times the people in this house never get but a mouthful of this yummy treat before it all heads out the door in gift bags. So it was with this in mind that I decided to save a little baking time and bless the men in this house with a pile of their own Christmas Foder. To them, I was cheating, but for me it was about time management. 😉

Christmas Foder

3 c Pretzels-break in pieces or minis

3 c Crisped Mixed Cereal

2 c Cheerios(I use Honey-Nut)

1 c Peanuts

1 c Cashews

1 pound White Chocolate

Preheat oven to 200, turn temperature down to 150, Melt chocolate in glass Pyrex or double boiler. Pour chocolate over mixture on parchment lined cookie tray, mix it all together, Bake for approximately 40 minutes, bring it out and let cool, break apart after cool, store in airtight container.

I have made some additions to this original recipe-

  1. cut back on the amount of pretzels, Cheerios, and crisped mixed cereal-replace reduced amount with Golden Graham cereal.
  2. This year I couldn’t find Cripix Cereal, so I used Corn Chex instead.
  3. Add 1 + cups of M & M to the mixture.
  4. Use good white chocolate, I purchase Merckens white chocolate from our local cake & candy supply store.


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