Sewing my way through Christmas

Sewing Christmas gifts is an annual event for me. Being able to use my creative muscles, along with searching for a gift idea that matches up with the intended recipient has become an important part of the gift giving process and this year was no exception.

One of those projects was a pattern and kit that I found on-line at Cath’s Pennies Designs. The kit that caught my eye as a good project to make for Dear Mother-In-Law was titled Good Morning Roosters and can be found here

Cath’s Pennies Designs has a great variety of candle mats and wool penny rug projects and there were many other patterns that I was tempted to purchase, but roosters were what I was searching for and this pattern/kit was not only the correct theme, it was also the perfect color combination to work in Dear Mother-In-Law’s chicken-themed kitchen.

I found the pattern instructions and illustrations to be easy to follow and well written. The kit included the pattern along with all the fabrics I needed to complete the project. The only additional purchases I made were black embroidery floss for the blanket stitching, green embroidery floss for the sunflower stems, and I decided to use four black beads for the rooster’s eyes instead of stitching French knots. If you don’t have freezer paper on hand, you will need to purchase some freezer paper. It is used as pattern paper for tracing your applique shapes onto the felt.


Good Morning Roosters candle mat


Dear Mother-In-Law’s 2015 Christmas gift


Good Morning Roosters candle mat-2015

This was a fun project, a great way to improve your blanket stitch skills and a project you should add to your 2016 crafting list.

Here’s another beautiful design from Cath’s Pennies that would make a great Mother’s Day/Spring birthday gift:

Happy Stitching in 2016!

4 thoughts on “Sewing my way through Christmas

  1. Beautiful, you did a great job. I look at all of that stitching and think back to all of that cross stitch I used to do. The pansy one is pretty too, are you going to try it as well?


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