A Snow Child

This past weekend several members of Honorable Son #1’s musical theater group preformed the play A Snow Child. The show was part of a dinner show, but done at lunch time. We had never participated in any of these productions, so it was a fun new adventure.

A Snow Child

“A magical Christmas musical based on a Russian folk tale.

A man and his wife are sad, as they have no children.  Each Christmas they make a crib for the villagers, but one year they are too sad to do so.  Instead they make a Snow Child.  To their joy, she comes to life and is loved by everyone.”


Honorable Son #1 played the part of Dimitri, a toy maker and the “father” of the snow child. It is such a joy to watch him use his gifts and to see him grow as a person through each of these new experiences.

Copy of DSC02229

Honorable Son #1 as Dimitri from A Snow Child

I am not sure where his newly perfected Russian accent will take him in the world, but am thanking God for the opportunity to join him in his journey.

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