Raspberry Inspiration

Before Christmas I purchased a piece of knit fabric with the intention of sewing a gift for my sister-in-law. But as my gift list swirled around in my head, another idea came to me and the purchased fabric no longer had a finished project to become. So, this cheerful raspberry sweater knit taunted me from the pile and challenged me to come up with another plan before winter ended.


kind of looks grape colored but really is a nice shade of raspberry

I had several dress patterns in my stash that were tempting to try and I even considered drawing my own pattern from a purchased tunic shirt I had in my drawer, but this fabric is slightly sheer and a little unstable making it not only a little challenging to work with, but also limiting as far as final product wear-ability.

While out shopping for several other projects I have going for clients, I happen to come across this pattern:


Say, “Yes,” to a new dress!


This dress caught my eye because just a month ago I had tried a dress on like this at Macy’s Department Store.


When I tried this dress on, I liked everything about it except the price, so I was really excited to see this pattern and on a day when Butterick patterns were on sale. Yay!

I wasn’t sure how much fabric I had purchased but hoped that I could fit all my pattern pieces on somehow…unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Had I wanted the short sleeve version, there would not have been a problem, but I didn’t see this sweater knit as a good choice for short sleeves. So, I put the project on hold for a few more days until a solution could be decided. Luckily I have had to make a lot of trips to JoAnn Fabrics lately and on my next trip I found they still had some of this sweater knit, and the project quickly got moved to the front of the line. Que happy music here….

During this same week, I had my 30 year old Bernina sewing machine in the shop for a well deserved cleaning and tune up. While there I got the chance to check out the Bernina Coverstitch Machine, a machine that has been on my wish list for a while.

This is the kind of stitch a coverstitch machine can sew.


I do a lot of hemming and run into this ready-wear finish often. Up until purchasing this machine, I had to create this look in two steps. Now with a coverstitch machine I can complete the process in just one step and have a seam that will be better suited for the finished garment. It seemed I was fated to make this purchase at this time because the pennies I had been stashing aside for major sewing machine purchases added up to just enough for this machine. (At least fate is how I looked at that information…:-)

 Now not only did I have a fun new pattern to try out and a happy raspberry colored sweater knit fabric, but also a new sewing machine play with…Que happy dance here…

After a couple early mornings of “playing,” I now have a comfy, cheery dress to finish out the winter season.




This project gave me a good start in using a coverstitch machine. As with all new skills, practice, practice, practice is required to achieve mastery and I look forward to improving my skills.



Because this fabric is somewhat sheer, I made a slip to be worn underneath. For the slip I chose a dark raspberry colored rayon/spandex knit blend.


Hmm? Now what project will be next?

The song is ended / But the melody lingers on. (Irving Berlin)


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