10 years of unconditional love

Ten years ago this month, when Honorable Sons #1 & #2 looked like this;


Honorable Son #1, Honorable Son #2, Spring 2006

I was on my way to the barn on a cool Sunday afternoon. On the hill in the distance I heard a high pitched barking sound. What I saw was a small dog doing his best to convince our much larger farm peacocks that he was to be feared and they should flee his presence.

Reluctantly I called out to the dog. I say reluctantly because it had been 9 years since our first-loved family dog had died and after all these years my heart still belonged to him. But this small dog, after hearing my voice, quickly escaped his show down with a gang of peacocks and ran to my feet. This is who looked up at me;


Will, Spring 2006

In the many years since moving onto our farm we have seldom had stray dogs wander up to our door. Our house sits at the end of a nearly 1/2 mile drive and can’t be seen by any roads or homes in our country block, so although there have been a few abandoned pets in our neighborhood most have not found their way to our door step. This small yellow dog seemed to be pleasant and eager to be loved.

Honorable Sons #1 & #2 had not yet experienced the joy the love of a dog brings to the family and were thrilled to see this furry surprise I carried in the door that day.

After a very short conversation about keeping or not keeping this abandoned little puppy, we carried our newest family member off to the laundry tub for a much needed bath. He appeared to be only 3 months old and during his bath we found and removed 40+ ticks.

Of course the discussion of what to name this new addition began immediately. All these years later I don’t remember what names were in the running, but I had a strong feeling that this dog came to us through God’s will-it was God that sent this precious gift to our family over our hill~God’s Will. And with that, Will began his journey with our family.


Summer 2006


Summer 2006


Honorable Son #2, Will, Honorable Son #1 Fall 2006


Honorable Son #2, Will, Honorable Son #1 Christmas 2006

Having a pet in your home requires some sacrifices, some of which I hadn’t missed in those 9 years since the loss of my last beloved four-legged companion-muddy foot prints on a newly washed floor, late night skunk baths from a trip out after dark, or never ever leaving home without dog hair coming along on your clothing somewhere.

Image result for quotes about loving a dog

These small annoyances, along with a few others, pale in comparison to the rewards that you receive from loving a family dog.

I can hardly believe that 10 years has passed. In many ways it seems like we have known and loved Will our whole lives and in others it seems as though we have just gotten started loving him. Each day I am blessed to still see this face:




Will-July 2015

I am grateful everyday to have the opportunity to receive Will’s love. I imagine that this love is the closest earthly example of the kind of love promised to us by our Heavenly Father. If only we could all love in the way a dog loves~unconditionally and with our whole selves.

β€œAll his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed.
For after all, he was only human. He wasn’t a dog.”
― Charles M. Schulz

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4 thoughts on “10 years of unconditional love

  1. Yes, I tell Will all the time, “It’s a good thing you’re cute…’cause the messes you make…” 😁 And yes we do still have peacocks, about 25 of them roam free. It gets a little noisy around here at this breeding time of year, all the males are choosing their space and calling to every sound they hear.


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