A Bag Worth the Wait…?

I finally finished a very belated birthday gift for my youngest niece. Whew! It has only taken me a month and a half…Oh, I began the idea search early enough, as weeks before, with tablet in hand I searched for the perfect pattern for a small cross body bag for a young teen girl. And Google didn’t disappoint. I combed through 100’s of patterns and/or ideas to create small bags, finally settling on this particular pattern

Case-organizer for your phone


Her birthday came and went at the beginning of May and I had the project close to completion the day before her birthday but didn’t have a magnetic snap closure required to finish. Rather than rush to complete it in a different way I decided to let her know that the gift was not finished and she should watch the mailbox for it to arrive(I hope she hasn’t given up on its arrival).

After purchasing the snap and having a little more time to finish, I realized that what I had done didn’t seem like the finished project I had imagined. :-[

I had several concerns including-the finished size, color combination, and the strap that I had decided to add to to make it a purse instead of a phone case. All of those issues meant that starting from scratch was the only answer. Back to square one.

This time I increased the size of each piece to create a larger finshed project, changed my color combination, and purchased some small metal loops for attaching my newly engineered strap. But once again I got close to completion and didn’t like what was developing.


With a slow deep beath, I began again, this time with a new focus. I could see this done with denim and after searching my stash I found an old pair of toddler size jeans left over from Honorable Sons. I had kept them to be used as patches for worn out jeans but they became the perfect fabric to get this project to the finish line.


I was able to use the back pocket as the flap for the purse outer pocket and chose to cut the pocket panel on the seam of the jeans to add an interesting detail in the finished bag.


I used a pink calico from my stash as a contrast and…there is that magnetic snap closure that started this journey.

I decided to cut the strap on the bias to make it a little more flexible. Working with small pant legs as the biggest piece of fabric meant that there would be several bias pieces. To add interest, I cut several pieces of calico on the bias too and randomly pieced the strap together.


After such a crooked path, this project is finally complete. Although it took three tries to get there, the satisfaction of having a finished project close to your beginning vision is definitely worth the effort. 

Now to get it in the mail before Dear Niece’s next birthday…..Image result for mailbox images free

Is your Summer lemonade glass half full or half empty?

I am married to a “realist,” some people might use the word pessimist. But I know that to not be true just by looking at his endless list of projects that he has well planned out, supplies purchased and stashed carefully away waiting to be completed. Some of those projects have quietly waited the nearly 30 years of our marriage, having become an idea shortly after moving onto our farm. A pessimist would have decided those things will never get done and abandoned the idea long ago, but Dear Husband is strongly(maybe stubbornly is a better word) optimistic that he will get to the end of his to-do list before his time here on this earth is through. And I, being very optimistic, stand by his side hoping, praying, pleading,….that he succeeds at his plan.

But at certain moments when I am filled with celebration, Dear Husband’s realism showers down. The first day of summer is always one of those moments.

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Next to the season of Spring, the first day of Summer is a day of celebration for me. I love embracing the longest day of sunlight with zeal, heading outside during the cool early morning hours and ending the long day watching the firefly light show. Every part of this long summer day feels like a wonderful gift.


the cows spending a summer day under the shade tree

And when I share my enthusiasm marking the first day of Summer, each year, without fail, Dear Husband responds, “The days only get shorter from here.” (Que cold glass of lemonade here.)  While I see my summer glass of lemonade half full of sun-kissed activity, he reminds me that the lemonade glass in half empty of long light-filled days and before we know it Winter will be here again.

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This year our first day of Summer turned out to be a picture perfect Summer day, filled with warm temperatures and sunshine. I had the opportunity to spend most of the day in the garden, weeding and planting. I love putting time into things like that because at the end of the day I have visual proof of the work that was done by my tired sun-drenched body.


half way through the onion growing season

After finishing supper, the dog and I took a walk around the farm to enjoy the beautiful sky. Finally ending the day sitting in the yard barefooted watching the fireflies dance into the darkness.

Dear Husband spent his day in the hay fields raking and baling the sweet smelling dry grass. What better chore for a guy that thinks about Winter on the first day of Summer…? Come the first day of Winter, when the cold winds are howling, he will uncover a bale of dry Summer grass and, as always, respond, “The days only get longer from here.”

Hold up that glass of lemonade, “Here’s to the joys of Summer, and Winter!”

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