Orange you glad Summer is here?

In the midst of the darkness of winter this past January I was on another shopping trip to JoAnn Fabrics when I came upon this fabric remnant.

 photo DSC02317_zpsmgxrosan.jpg

I remember it being a time when I was dreaming of more color in my wardrobe and this vibrant orange fabric called to me from the bottom of the basket. I immediately imagined a brightly colored pencil skirt coming to life in my closet. This piece of fabric has continued to speak loudly to me ever since. I have been anxious to get it out of its rapper and stitched up as soon as possible.

So this project became one of the two things that I cut out at the beginning of May in an effort to fulfill part of my MeMadeMay challenge that I had set for myself. I chose to use the  New Look pattern #0137 that I have had in my stash for a while and have made several times before.

 photo DSC02316_zpsjqxstytc.jpg

I had just enough fabric to make the skirt but not for the waistband facings, for those I chose a cotton floral piece from my stash of scraps, making a fun surprise on the inside of this skirt. I also had some leftover beige lining from another project that worked out to be just enough to add lining to to this new creation. I prefer to line my skirts so that I don’t have to mess with wearing a slip.

As this project was finding it’s identity, I was out on an unrelated shopping trip and came across a shirt that I was very tempted to purchase but the price held me back.

 photo DP0418201617051795M_zpsfn8cmgch.jpg

I couldn’t get this shirt out of my mind, I am not fond of off-the-shoulder shirts so when I tried it on I wore it on the shoulders. The neck line is elastic and can be worn either way.  I decided that the lines of the shirt were very simple and I should be able to recreate it without too much effort. And of course that led to another trip to JoAnn Fabrics for the the needed fabric to get this new project under way.

I went in looking to duplicate the original shirt, but came across an interesting piece of printed rayon that I loved. There was some careful consideration before I purchased, “Do I want a print…?” “Rayon?…Is it going to become a wrinkled mess after being washed…?” “Is this print suitable…?” The final words that went through my head and made the positives outweigh the negatives were, “Hey, this will wear well with my new orange skirt!” The purchase was made and I man-handled some time into my schedule to excitedly get this new shirt born.

After searching my pattern stash for a base pattern to get this shirt started, I found a shirt pattern that was very close to my original design idea, Simplicity #2415.

 photo DSC02405_zpsyl45gy3r.jpg

The only real changes I made to the pattern were to shorten the body length and add a long ruffle to that shortened body. The length and fullness of that new ruffle required a little trial and error. I hate to admit that I put it on and took it off FOUR times, ugh…1. not the right fullness, take it off…2. seams of the ruffle in the wrong place, take it off…3. seams of the ruffle in the wrong place, take it off….4. SEAMS OF THE RUFFLE IN THE WRONG PLACE, TAKE IT OFF! I know what your are thinking, “Why didn’t you mark the front and the back before putting the ruffle on wrong 3 times?” That is a VERY good question and one I would have asked myself. Oh well, sometimes the simplest lessons are the hardest learned. The front and back of this shirt are hard to identify and I should have marked them more carefully. As Dear Husband likes to say, “No sense being dumb unless you show it.” It’s not a sentence I like to hear often……

 photo DSC02401_zpsq6mh0uz1.jpg

Some outfits look better on my dress form and others look better on a real person, I think this outfit looks better on a real person. This outfit is fun and comfortable to wear, and it feels like wearing a little slice of summer.

Image result for summer sunset

What could be better than that?!?


One thought on “Orange you glad Summer is here?

  1. It’s so cute. I would love to see it on you. And don’t’ worry I always learn and re-learn the “I should have taken more time in the pinning, marking, cutting process” lesson!


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