Could I carry your lunch?

A few months ago I went in search of a gift to sew for several friends. I had hoped to find an interesting bag of some kind, but didn’t have anything specific in mind. With no real direction other than “a bag to sew” my internet research involved many hours of scrolling through possible choices.

After finding several other projects to add to my sewing ideas Pinterest page, I settled on this free pattern from the JoAnn Fabrics website:

Cute-Enough-to-Eat Lunch Bags

cute-enough-to-eat lunch bag

This project uses 1/2 of a yard of outer fabric and 2/3 of a yard of the contrast fabric along with Insul Bright insulating fabric. I thought there was a possibility that I could find fabrics from my stash, but none of the pieces large enough to complete the project seemed to “match-up” with the personalities of the people that would be receiving these gifts. For me, a big part of sewing for others involves choosing fabrics that “speak” the receivers name. I know you’ve just read that last sentence and now your face is scrunched up with a big question mark floating in your head, but I can’t really explain how I pick fabric for others any other way. It comes from my gut and when the choice is right the project can’t be given to anyone other than the person whose name is being “spoken” from the finished project.

The pattern directions are well written making this project enjoyable to create. I made two substitutions to the supply list; instead of Insul Bright (because it wasn’t available at my local store), I used Low Loft Poylester Batting and I cut 1 inch strips of batting replacing the need to purchase 1 inch belting for the straps.

When sewing the straps, I made several rows of top-stitching the length of the strap to give them a more finished look.

 photo 0814161738_zpspziovhqb.jpg

 photo 0814161736_zpsfimqisjz.jpg

 photo 0814161740_zpsrgq4dwv8.jpg

This bag I made for my niece’s birthday gift to which I added a glass water bottle along with a square glass food container.

Being back-to-school time, this would be a great project to try today!

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