A Summer T-Shirt with Flair

Recently while pattern shopping for a client, I came across a couple of McCall’s patterns that sparked the idea of a couple new projects for myself.

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McCall’s 7046 is a dress pattern that I am debating about for my special piece of fabric that I bought last year at G-Street Fabrics on my way home from my 340 mile bicycle trip to Washington D.C.

McCall’s 7046


my souvenir material from G Street Fabrics

The other pattern, McCall’s 6964, is a simple T-shirt design.


McCall’s 6964

While deliberating over the dress style and feeling the need to stitch something for myself, I decided to make a new t-shirt from the McCall’s 6964 pattern, but use the sleeve design from the McCall’s 7046 pattern, view A. I already have a ready-to-wear shirt with this sleeve style and love the way that simple sleeve elevates a T-shirt from casual to dressy without taking away from the comfort.

I chose a very neutral beige cotton/poly Interlock knit from JoAnn Fabrics. I have a beige shirt that gets lots of wear and is starting to look “well worn,” so this project had direction and a purpose, all that was left was the sewing.

 photo DSC02554 1_zps8odfgxrx.jpg

Inserting the sleeve from M7046 was without any complications, the sleeve arc and size is almost identical in both patterns. The flutter sleeve is just a circle that overlaps at the underarm so any small size difference can be adjusted in the overlap.

 photo DSC02555 1_zps330t2hdx.jpg

The only other change I made to the pattern was to shorten the body length by 1 1/2 inches. I have a short shoulder to waist length and regularly have to shorten shirts to improve the finished fit.

 photo DSC02557 1_zps6yqwhuw6.jpg

I really like the neck band on this T-shirt, the width and design give the shirt a very professional finish. In the future, I may try cutting the band just slightly shorter and, as it is sewn in place, stretch the band to fit so that the band gently hugs the body and prevents any neckline gaping.

 photo DSC02556 1_zps2zznglk2.jpg

This shirt is a great addition to my summer clothing choices. I love the versatility and comfort it offers. With only a two hour cutting and construction time commitment, this shirt is a great investment!

4 thoughts on “A Summer T-Shirt with Flair

  1. I love it, those sleeves not only look great, but I bet it’s super comfortable. I totally agree on that neck band, the finish is just what the shirt needs to take it from a basic t-shirt to something much more fashionable.


  2. I’m really behind on my comments, so this question comes late. How do you do your knit finishing? your double row of stitches look great and so professional. I haven’t done any really nice knit sewing in a while and I’m curious about your techniques to get such a professional look – besides the fact that you’re just so awesome!


    • Thanks, Ginger! On this shirt I overlocked the the neckbinding to the shirt neck edge, pressed the seam toward the shirt, then I used a twin needle to top stitch. This pattern design made the finish easy.


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