Sweet Sixteen

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Yesterday we celebrated Honorable Son#2. It is hard for me to believe that my baby boy is 16 years old…brings tears to my eyes just to type it!

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This quiet, determined, wise, kind, thoughtful boy is a blessing to our family. How I would selfishly love to have all those early years back, but God has bigger plans and I look forward to watching you blossom.

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Now he has graduated to cars with engines, rubber tires and headlights….YIKES!

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A Skirt Worth “Pinning”

About a year ago I came across an interesting skirt image that became a sewing inspirations pin while surfing Pinterest. Those images were of a skirt that included circle cut ruffles.

Ruffle Skirt diy:

http://shoesandsewing.blogspot.com/2011/03/s2475-ruffly-confection-inspired-by.html Ruffle skirt- @Erin Schreiber you must help me! Pretty Please :D:

Ruffle Skirt

It didn’t take long after “pinning” these images for the desire to make my own version of this skirt was planted.

I decided to build the skirt on an old Vogue pattern 2238 that I had in my stash of patterns.

Vogue 2238 Sewing Pattern Misses Easy Dresses Size 18-22

Vogue 2238

This skirt is shaped using a center front, side fronts, center back, and side backs replacing the need for darts. I felt the gradual curves would be a better base for the bandage style design.


Making the decision to cut each bandage layer on the bias of my fabric, I wrestled with how to finish the edges: hem, cut double width and fold, or leave an exposed over-locked edge. Part of the decision was influenced by the circle-cut ruffle sections, to create a hemmed edge on the curve was more tedious than I was willing to take on and the fabric yardage I had purchased had me concerned about having enough fabric to cut twice the amount of circles I would need to be able to sew two wrongs sides together and turning to create a finished outer circle edge. All these concerns led me to choose an exposed over-locked edge as a finished product using my Bernina/Bernette 234 Serger.

Serger Stitches: 3-thread overlock

My fabric choice for this skirt came while on a shopping trip for a customer. I was on the hunt for a specific khaki shade to make the customer a blouse. I found two pieces of fabric that were very close, the one fabric was a cotton/polyester blend that the customer preferred because of its ease of care. The second fabric was a linen/cotton blend with more linen than cotton. I loved the color. I loved the linen texture. BUT, after wearing the skirt the reality of linen and cotton that I kept pushing far back out of reach of the sensible side of my brain wrinkled forth.


how to get wrinkles out of linen


After assembling the base of my skirt from white broadcloth, I began cutting 3 1/2 inch wide bias strips. Starting at the bottom of my skirt and marking the section that would be ruffled, I stitched the first strip to the skirt base, leaving the space where my circle ruffle would be placed.

At this point I needed to tackle the measuring and cutting of the circle ruffle. There are many directions for how to create a circle ruffle and I found this site to be very helpful with its simple explanation of how to find the measurement of your circle radius for the ruffle length needed. Flounces/Circular Ruffles Londa Rohlfing

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Once I measured, cut, and  finished the outside edge of the circle with my overlock machine, I joined one edge of my circle to the already stitched bias strip, stitched the circle ruffle in place stopping short of the end so that the other end of the bias strip and the circle ruffle could be stitched together. Once the last two edges were joined, I finished attaching the top edges of both the bias cut strip and the circle ruffle. It was a little time consuming stopping and starting the attaching process so often, but doing it this way allowed me to adjust lengths of both the circle ruffle and the bias strips.

With the bottom row finished, the steps were repeated again and again until I reached the row that no longer included the circle ruffle, then the bias strip was used the entire way around. My layers were overlapped 1/2 inch and at the back of my skirt the bias strips started and stopped at the zipper.

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Luckily I took these pictures before wearing this skirt all morning for Sunday school and church. The wrinkles are at a minimum here, but after several hours of sitting this skirt looked slept in…I still love it! I would prefer not having to worry about excessive wrinkling, but the color, texture and unique ruffle design still make me happy. So I will heat up my iron and enjoy wearing this fun new skirt. One Pinterest idea complete…yeh me!