Renew and Refashion

GAP Trail-between Connellsville and Ohiopyle photo DSC02591_zpsq72ez0sj.jpgOne year ago Dear Husband and I embarked on an exciting challenge; bike the 330 miles of the Greater Allegheny Passage and C & O Canal Path. As a celebration of our accomplishment, this past Saturday we drove to Connellsville, PA, hopped on the GAP trail, biked the 17 miles to Ohiopyle, PA, enjoyed a buckwheat cake and sausage meal being offered by their fire department, purchased a bag of kettle corn and four gallons of fresh-pressed cider from the street vendors at the community celebration, and then biked the 17 miles back to Connellsville. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and a wonderful way to relive a few of the many memories of our trip, and renew our passion for experiencing adventure together.GAP Trail-outside of Connellsville, PA photo DSC02588_zpsscx8gexx.jpgView on the GAP Trail photo DSC02589_zpskshj7tpm.jpgGAP Trail-between Connellsville and Ohiopyle photo DSC02590_zpsnbwqepur.jpg photo DSC02592_zpsqs98pwa0.jpgGAP Trail in Ohiopyle, PA photo DSC02595_zpsi1hnicdy.jpg photo DSC02594_zpsm3ydlgya.jpg

Last year prior to our adventure we did a lot of training to prepare our bodies for 8 days in a row of pedaling 45 miles. Through all that training and commitment to good food choices, my body went through some changes with one of them being a drop of two dress sizes. While I joyfully celebrate a leaner, stronger body, I am finding that many of my favorite things in my closet don’t fit so well anymore. It seems like a good problem, but a lot of the items are things that I made and lovingly spent many hours choosing the fabric and pattern, then patiently cut and stitched them together.

All summer long I have had 4 dresses hanging at the front of my closet begging not to be put into the give away box. The design of each of these dresses makes altering them down 2 sizes difficult, so they continued to hang waiting for inspiration.

One of those dresses was made with McCall’s pattern 6433:

I loved the pleats on this skirt and had made view B out of a rayon print fabric that screamed summer with a light background and fun, bright colored flowers. And now, the dress was just too big.

Line Drawing

Finally, last week, the idea of cutting off the top of the dress and turning my dress into a skirt, flashed into my head. I quickly took action so that I could wear my new summery printed skirt before the warm weather ended for this season.

I ripped out the seam between the skirt and bodice keeping the back zipper attached to the skirt. Then the bodice fabric was used to cut a waistband. I took in the side seams of the skirt before attaching the new waistband.

 photo DSC02572_zps0sibwtnw.jpg photo DSC02573_zpsxtxgi70e.jpg photo DSC02574_zpsjztdtyri.jpg

I love the transformation of this dress. It started out being a dress that gave off a strong summer vibe and is now a fun new skirt that actually captures the colors of fall and feels like the perfect autumn skirt.

 photo DSC02576_zpszwvol26l.jpg

Since I saved money refashioning my dress into a skirt, I was able to splurge on this cute heart pendant and leather necklace that turned out to be the perfect finishing touch for this renewed and refashioned state of mind. photo DSC02578_zpsyvuommme.jpg


Last week we celebrated Honorable Son #1. He is now officially an adult in the eyes of the law, 18 years old.

 photo DSC02582_zpshns71th3.jpg

Eighteen years, while filled to the brim with life changes, seems to have gone by in the blink of my tear-filled eyes.

 photo DSC02583_zpswhjngaok.jpg

But when you break down those eighteen years into smaller parts, the enormity of all the time passed and moments lived has greater impact. Eighteen years means that I have been a mother to this amazing boy for 215.8375 months, or 6,570 days, or 157,680 hours, even more amazing-9,460,800 minutes(what??? NINE MILLION???), or how about 567,648,000 seconds. No wonder the celebration of 18 years takes your breath away!

 photo DSC02586_zpss2ida9qo.jpg

More than nine million minutes ago God sent this gift into our lives and together we have grown. Five hundred sixty-seven million, six hundred forty-eight thousand seconds of laughter, love, frustration and tears are woven together as a foundation for this child of God to go forth into the world as an “adult” of God. And, as his mother, those same emotion-filled moments, while making my hair a little grey-er, have taken the 18 year old child of God that my parents sent into the world and shaped me into an adult dependent on God.

 photo DSC02584_zpsgm33edjp.jpg

It is my prayer that this polite, out-going, wise, kind-hearted, strong-willed boy recognizes his blessings, goes out into the world being humble, honest, and hard-working, and lets the light of his Savior shine brightly through him on his journey.

“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

 photo DSC02585_zpsud0j3slw.jpg

Happy Birthday, Son!