Driver in Training-take #2

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So, Honorable Son #2, my baby, now has his driver’s permit. When I think about him driving a car the above picture is what pops into my mind…you know…he is my baby…how is it that now he is old enough to drive a car?!?

Although, it is no surprise that he will be “on the go” behind the wheel of a car. From the very beginning(yes, even in the womb) he has been a child that challenged the idea of being still. This was not a child that was content to lie happily under a baby mobile or sit peacefully in the baby seat observing his surroundings. Before he could crawl or walk, he regularly expressed displeasure over being left immobile while the rest of us, including and especially his 2 year old brother, moved freely in the world around him.

Finally, at 9 months old, this strong-willed boy conquered the art of walking and, as a bonus, jumping. Yes, walking wasn’t challenging enough for him, so jumping from the couch met his need for movement and risk. For much of his first 2 years the common question at the end of the day was not, “Did he hit his head today?” but “How many times did he hit his head today?” Dear Husband and I began to consider fitting him up for a helmet. I often said that he was putting himself through pain management training with very few tears shed after countless bumps and bruises suffered in his constant risk-taking.

Now here we are 16 years later, Dear Husband and I begin the process of driving lessons for this child #2. Once again I will find myself in the passenger seat praying my way through the fruits of the spirit, “…love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control,” while guiding this over-eager young adult through this first step toward independence.

One thing Dear Husband and I learned with Honorable Son #1 was that having a vehicle that that he “cared” about seemed to introduce a healthy level of caution. Knowing that reckless driving behavior might bring harm to this dream car, Son #1 has gone through these beginning years of driving with a little more restraint, for which I am grateful. Being the mother of two sons and knowing the driving history of their father, I will take any small amount of driving restraint I can get.

For Honorable Son #1 a sporty, older Subaru WRX was his dream car and, with a little on-line searching, we were able to find what he was looking for at a fairly reasonable price. Unfortunately the search for Son #2’s car was not quite so easy. His dream car, a Jeep Wrangler TJ, did not fall into the “reasonably priced” category. Dear Husband searched and searched and searched over months and months with possibilities popping up over miles and miles. In the end, dream car #2 was purchased from a young man that lived only a handful of miles from our home.

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For now this new vehicle is parked. Son #2 has to get through the driver training first. As his mother, I have some concerns about a Jeep being his first car; the combination of his adventurous spirit with a vehicle that is meant to be taken on adventures has given me a few more grey hairs. But, if I were 16 again,……well, I would be smiling like Son #2 too!


April has come to an end. “Phew,” that is all I have the energy left to say. I remember on the 1st of April taking a deep breath and praying for the strength and stamina to manage all the up-coming tasks that lie ahead.

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One of the events that I had been looking forward to was an annual scrap booking trip away with friends. For several years I have had the blessing of spending a few days away from my wife and mother duties to embrace the role of friend and craft-er. It is a wonderful gift to escape the duties of home for three days of laughing, sharing and nurturing myself through creative scrapbook pages, or in the case of this year, sewing a quilt top for Honorable Son #1’s graduation gift.

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Part of the fun in preparing for this trip is finding the perfect “hostess” gift for the other girls sharing in the vacation. Most recently that gift has been something that I have sewn for them and has now become a personal challenge to discover a new, hand-made, fabric gift idea. This year the pattern/idea search began months ago and ended when I found a pattern titled “Zip-Up Tray Pouch” by Aneela Hoey.

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Zip-Up Tray Pouch

This pattern was well written and went together quickly. I love the shape.

The hardest part was finding the 10 inch separating zippers. My local JoAnn Fabric store carries light-weight 10 separating zippers, but I wanted to use a medium weight metal zipper. I was able to find the zippers in a variety of colors from an Etsy shop.

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I filled these pouches with a few things the girls might use while away on this retreat; scrap book doodads, nail polish and polish remover pads, and, of course, some candy. photo DSC02723_zpskhhgrufe.jpg

I could see this pouch being perfect for packing your make-up or personal hygiene items for traveling with the un-zipped tray keeping your items together. This would also be a great bag for a variety of craft items, pencils, markers, scissors, etc., or this pouch/tray might be handy for those long car rides, containing a few toys or game pieces to entertain those restless kids.