Selfish Saturday Morning Sewing

Endless tasks have filled August and September making two months feel as if they have passed by with the snap of my fingers. Honorable Son#1 has settled into college, Honorable Son#2 has begun his junior year of high school, Fall farming harvest season has kicked in and a wide variety of custom sewing jobs have all placed demands on precious end-of-Summer hours. So when I made a selfish fabric purchase with a gift card I had received as a birthday present, I knew I would have to purposefully dedicate some time to sew for myself, thus Selfish Saturday morning sewing was born.

While perusing through JoAnn Fabric, I came across this beautiful floral print and had just looked at a Vogue pattern that seemed a perfect match.


After taking a few pattern measurements, a narrow shoulder adjustment was made before the cutting began. I took extra care in the cutting layout moving pieces around to optimize the large print looking for complimentary placement of the variety of flowers. A great finished product can be easily ruined with an inappropriately placed flower or fabric pattern. This aging bosom didn’t need attention through a “flower pastie.” 🙂


Part of the dress “vision” was to add piping to the neckline and cuffs to the three-quarter length sleeves.


This dress is designed to be lined…a BIG plus in my book. I hate the extra layer of wearing a slip, so many of my dresses are lined even if the pattern doesn’t include a lining. Lining the bodice eliminates annoying neckline facings that can roll out or leave a ridge along the lower edge. And lining the skirt means never worrying about a slip showing below the the hem.




After 3 Saturday morning sewing sessions this dress made it’s debut. This pattern went together easily and is a very comfortable dress style. An added bonus are the pockets in the skirt side seams…who doesn’t love a dress with pockets, right?!?

When my Dad saw this dress in progress his comment was, “That looks like an old lady dress.” I was taken aback by his comment because I loved this beautiful floral print the moment I saw it, but this fabric does conjure up memories of my well-dressed Aunt Bertha(one of Dad’s six sisters). In my memory, she wore colorful clip-on earrings matching well put together outfits that included many beautiful prints and perfectly coiffed hair. To be brutally honest, Dad, your daughter has become one of those over-the-hill, aka OLD, women, so this dress and I are a match made…on a selfish Saturday morning!




4 thoughts on “Selfish Saturday Morning Sewing

  1. It’s lovely. I’m jealous of your skill and dedication – I need to make time to do things. And I think your Dad got it wrong, it’s not an old lady dress it’s charmingly retro, which is very in!


  2. Lovely dress! I loved your comment about flower pasties. I would have not thought about that until I had two giant flowers on my chest. Or worse, one! Haha


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