Comfort and Wisdom

The past few weeks have been tough ones. My Dear Father-in-Law and my Dear Dad are both facing several tough, scary health issues. Hospital stays, tests, diagnoses and treatment plans have everyone holding their breath and searching for relief from the anxiety and unknown.

The past few weeks have also been joyous. My beautiful niece got married, the first wedding of this generation in our family.


Bride and Sister

The verses of Ecclesiastes 3 have found their way into my thoughts and I find myself looking at those verses differently than I have in the past.

As a young adult first starting out independent life these verses reaffirmed “orderly” life. Youth, new adventures, and exciting opportunities meant we were in, “a time to build up,…a time to dance,…a time to embrace,….” I saw seasons of life as good or bad, things were generally all going well, or they weren’t.

But maturity has become a blessing of new understanding. When looking back at time passed, we may summarize weeks, months or years as seasons of struggle or joy. But I now see that it is important to recognize that the building up and the tearing down are all happening at the same time. Some days the contrast of the two are happening at break-neck speed, while other days offer a slower pace.

The song Turn! Turn! Turn! by The Bryds put these Ecclesiastes 3 verses to a melody and add the words, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” The imagery of turning directions between all these different life-moments makes me understand why some days I feel like one foot is nailed to the floor and I have walked in circles.

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Prayer has been the common thread through all of these life changes both discouraging and jubilant. Each day, many times a day, I find myself reaching out to God. I have replaced the “Turn! Turn! Turn!” with “Prayer! Prayer! Prayer!” Within those prayers the repeated request for wisdom and comfort has become my mantra.

Lacking the knowledge and/or the ability to help or fix these changing situations, I turn to God asking Him to blanket myself and my loved ones with comfort in their hurts and worries, along with wisdom to navigate their journeys ahead.

While my foot is nailed to the floor going in prayer circles, I know that God holds the future and is walking circles with me and also with those I love.

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I now know that my days will be filled with weeping and laughing, side by side. God is holding my hand helping me to navigate and staying present in each moment, strength for the building-up and peace for the tearing down. I don’t want to “Turn!” from any of those experiences. Life is too short to wish time away; laugh, cry, sing, dance, work, & play.

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 Blessings of wisdom and comfort in all life’s moments for each of you today.

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