Off He Goes

Another milestone has been met. Honorable Son #2 is now a licensed driver.


Honorable Son #2

I didn’t realize my reluctance to accept this next season of life for Honorable Son #2 until the expiration of his Learner’s Permit required us to schedule the driving test.

As I sat in front of my computer screen with test times listed before me, the conflict of emotions was unsettling. I sat there remembering the excitement of scheduling this test for Honorable Son #1, as something to be celebrated. In fact, Honorable Son #1’s driving test was scheduled on his birthday as a birthday gift.(((Thank goodness he passed! I didn’t even consider the idea of failing the test on his birthday?!?)))

But as this same celebratory event presented itself for Honorable Son #2, My emotions were much different. I found myself content with him confined to a Driver’s Permit requiring my presence for him to drive a car. I could come up with lots of reasons he didn’t need a Driver’s Licence and very few reasons he did.

Unfortunately, the long list of “didn’t(s)” were just a long list of selfish, denials on my part, and the short list of “did(s)” are an important rite of passage for Honorable Son #2.

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So, I must get out of the way. Even though the boy I see behind the wheel looks like this:


Honorable Son #2

It is time for him to use his wings, begin to fly without his Mother directing his every turn. This driver’s test may not have been a big event like his brothers, but the joy of his success is no less celebrated. Fly safely, my son.

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