The only way to do great work is to love what you do. —Steve Jobs

After spending January in a much needed hibernation, I went into February wanting to continue keeping regular sewing hours. For most of the Fall season I had carved out sewing hours from 5:30a.m. to 11:00 a.m. each day after sending Dear Husband out the door to his job. As a result of dedicating those hours to just sewing projects, I had quiet, uninterrupted time to sew not only customer alterations, but also projects that were stirring inside my head waiting to be created.

In September and October those creations were fleece hats, mittens, drawstring backpacks, and rice pack hand warmers. All of these projects became the inventory for several Fall crafts shows.


With fleece season coming to an end(although having snow in April, it didn’t end as soon as we had hoped), I turned my creative juices over to Spring thoughts and possible projects for Easter craft show shoppers.

Instead of fleece hats, fun, colorful, reversible bucket hats came to life under my sewing machine needle along with stuffed bunnies, embellished onsies, zipper pouch peeps and one giant hen.











I heard a question recently that has been rumbling around in my head,

“From where does your inspiration come?”

A google search of that question led me to an interesting response by author  Robbie Vorhaus ;

“The answer is in the word itself: In Spirit, inspiration.  Inspiration comes from our connection to the Universe, the power that beats our heart. Prayer is when you speak to God, and inspiration, intuition and creativity is when God speaks to you.

Spirit is the invisible connection we have to all creation, and when we are in spirit, inspired, we are simply plugged in, connected, to the miraculous, complete force of all that is in form.”

I find something very comforting in the idea that God is speaking to me through these sparks of sewing inspiration that fill my thoughts, although it would be nice to have them planted during regular business hours instead of interrupting a perfectly good night of sleep!?!


Another statement from that same site from Aaron Force ;

“In this sense, inspiration is a bit of a spiritual event after all. We begin to see the interconnectedness of the universe and how we relate to it.

When we make a connection we find inspiration; our sails get filled and we gain direction- the divine winds are breathed into us.”

While there is satisfaction in doing alterations, helping people take clothing that they have enough connection to they would invest a little more time and money to improve the fit; there is “direction” in sewing projects that were “breathed into” my thoughts. Each completed item becomes a visual representation of a divine conversation.



I have never considered myself an artist. In my mind, artists are people that paint, draw, sculpt and have much more talent than I. But I am sure that the works of art that come from those talented hands came from “In Spirit,” from “divine” thought conversations born into the world for us, the viewer, to participate in.

So, although these hats/bunnies/chicks don’t fit into my definition of art, they are creations brought forth from “a bit of a spiritual event.”

I pray that these new fabric “art works” find others to bless, continuing God’s conversation with you. Or that you too get inspired today.



Off He Goes

Another milestone has been met. Honorable Son #2 is now a licensed driver.


Honorable Son #2

I didn’t realize my reluctance to accept this next season of life for Honorable Son #2 until the expiration of his Learner’s Permit required us to schedule the driving test.

As I sat in front of my computer screen with test times listed before me, the conflict of emotions was unsettling. I sat there remembering the excitement of scheduling this test for Honorable Son #1, as something to be celebrated. In fact, Honorable Son #1’s driving test was scheduled on his birthday as a birthday gift.(((Thank goodness he passed! I didn’t even consider the idea of failing the test on his birthday?!?)))

But as this same celebratory event presented itself for Honorable Son #2, My emotions were much different. I found myself content with him confined to a Driver’s Permit requiring my presence for him to drive a car. I could come up with lots of reasons he didn’t need a Driver’s Licence and very few reasons he did.

Unfortunately, the long list of “didn’t(s)” were just a long list of selfish, denials on my part, and the short list of “did(s)” are an important rite of passage for Honorable Son #2.

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So, I must get out of the way. Even though the boy I see behind the wheel looks like this:


Honorable Son #2

It is time for him to use his wings, begin to fly without his Mother directing his every turn. This driver’s test may not have been a big event like his brothers, but the joy of his success is no less celebrated. Fly safely, my son.

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