A Scare-ific Job

Honorable Son #2 has his first official job. It is hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea that my baby boy is old enough to drive and work, but alas, both are true.


A month ago a friend shared a job opportunity request with Honorable Son #2. A local haunted house was looking for people to work through the Halloween season. It is a place that our youth group has attended several times, so Son #2 knew the ins & outs of what went on there.

I am not a fan of these kind of seasonal haunted houses or fields, seems to me a place where people “bully” the visitors or take advantage of a person’s weaknesses. I know that is a silly thought, my sons tell me all the time what a crazy idea that is…, “Really Mom,” they say, “people choose to go there, and choose to be scared.” But I still find the whole experience annoying, and thus make a point of staying far away.

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When Son #2 showed an interest in pursuing this employment opportunity I imagined him helping with the parking or some other low key operational kind of job. He is, after all, my quiet, thoughtful, introverted kid. Surely he would choose to fill a quiet, helpful, behind-the-scenes kind of job, right?

We collected all his necessary papers; social security card and proof of residence, made a trip to our local high school to get his official working papers, and filled out all the employer paper work. I delivered him to the first training session and returned a couple hours later to find out that his job for the season would be him acting as a scary “hillbilly” with several other “hillbilly” folks in one of the scare room experiences. What?!? My sweet blue-eyed baby boy was going to spend the next 6 weeks “bullying” people?!? And to add to my shock, he loves it!

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Once again my children have reinforced the quote, “Never say never.” My choice to stay far away and discourage Halloween haunted places has been replaced with twice nightly trips for drop off and pick up along with encouraging others to experience Son #2 as a scary hillbilly.


Eerie Acres Farm


Parents don’t need to go visit haunted houses to have their heart rate accelerated…just spend more time with your kids, they can expose your weaknesses and super-charge your heart right in your very own haunted, love-filled house.

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Selfish Saturday Morning Sewing

Endless tasks have filled August and September making two months feel as if they have passed by with the snap of my fingers. Honorable Son#1 has settled into college, Honorable Son#2 has begun his junior year of high school, Fall farming harvest season has kicked in and a wide variety of custom sewing jobs have all placed demands on precious end-of-Summer hours. So when I made a selfish fabric purchase with a gift card I had received as a birthday present, I knew I would have to purposefully dedicate some time to sew for myself, thus Selfish Saturday morning sewing was born.

While perusing through JoAnn Fabric, I came across this beautiful floral print and had just looked at a Vogue pattern that seemed a perfect match.


After taking a few pattern measurements, a narrow shoulder adjustment was made before the cutting began. I took extra care in the cutting layout moving pieces around to optimize the large print looking for complimentary placement of the variety of flowers. A great finished product can be easily ruined with an inappropriately placed flower or fabric pattern. This aging bosom didn’t need attention through a “flower pastie.” 🙂


Part of the dress “vision” was to add piping to the neckline and cuffs to the three-quarter length sleeves.


This dress is designed to be lined…a BIG plus in my book. I hate the extra layer of wearing a slip, so many of my dresses are lined even if the pattern doesn’t include a lining. Lining the bodice eliminates annoying neckline facings that can roll out or leave a ridge along the lower edge. And lining the skirt means never worrying about a slip showing below the the hem.




After 3 Saturday morning sewing sessions this dress made it’s debut. This pattern went together easily and is a very comfortable dress style. An added bonus are the pockets in the skirt side seams…who doesn’t love a dress with pockets, right?!?

When my Dad saw this dress in progress his comment was, “That looks like an old lady dress.” I was taken aback by his comment because I loved this beautiful floral print the moment I saw it, but this fabric does conjure up memories of my well-dressed Aunt Bertha(one of Dad’s six sisters). In my memory, she wore colorful clip-on earrings matching well put together outfits that included many beautiful prints and perfectly coiffed hair. To be brutally honest, Dad, your daughter has become one of those over-the-hill, aka OLD, women, so this dress and I are a match made…on a selfish Saturday morning!