Hanging on to Winter

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“Stillness is the flower of winter, all hope waits beneath a blanket of white.”

Having a home in a part of the country that experiences four distinct seasons means that weather is a constant part of your everyday conversation. And of course most people have strong opinions about what season or kind of weather they prefer. It has always intrigued me to hear the arguments behind each person’s choice.


Many people who know me can quickly tell you which season I like the least because they have had to endure my passionate words of disdain while I stood high atop my soap box coaxing them to join me in my displeasure. As if ganging up on a naturally occurring event like a season would make it stop happening…or make me feel better about it, you know the saying, “misery likes company.”

But winter isn’t my season of misery. For me, winter is much needed and longed for. Once the month of January rolls around, my body and mind are ready for those long winter nights of rest and quiet solitude. I have always cherished that night time walk to the barn on a snowy February night. The quiet that blankets you along with the snowflakes is a kind of peace that can’t be experienced in any other season. There are no buzzing insects, no rustling leaves, the night is filled with silence and peace that comforts your weary bones. It takes the resting of winter to mange the other three seasons that will come and soon enough.





This year our winter has been mild and while that is a blessing in some regards; not much snow to shovel, ice to melt or treacherous roads to travel, I, on the other hand am hoping for a little more bad weather. This mild weather is lending itself to the early start of spring activities. I am starting to feel the pressures of projects beginning, calendars filling up, places to be, soil to be tilled…. So while you may be celebrating the groundhogs prediction of an early Spring, I will celebrate and hold on to winter a little while longer.

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