Are you ready to ride?

Posts to this blog have been few and far between lately; Not for a lack of things happening but more because of the speed and wild emotional shifts that accompany the many things happening.

When I started this blog several years ago, it was early summer just before my 50th birthday. Dear Husband and I had begun training for our 330 mile bicycle trip from Pittsburgh to Washington DC via the Greater Allegheny Passage and the C & O Canal Path. This blog became a way to share the new adventures and new attitudes of my life in this next more mature season.

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With the end of this school year, our family begins preparations for a new, big adventure along with the next level of season change.

Honorable Son #2 will begin his senior year of high school. When he graduates in June of next year, high school will be a thing of the past, college and transitioning into adulthood will dominate the conversations.

The speed at which this season of life seems to have gone by takes my breath away. Remembering the uncertainty of our education choices, Home-schooling/Cyber schooling was questioned by many around us, but Dear Husband and I felt guided and compelled to follow that different path. Many days, I too questioned our decision, feeling over-whelmed, over-worked, and under-qualified to give my children the education they needed to succeed in the world. It was most certainly God’s hand that “made our paths straight” when needed and kept my heart convicted to this education journey.

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We have begun making plans to set out on a challenging adventure and travel by motorcycle on the Trans-America Trail as a way to mark this new season and deposit a bucket full of family memories, raising each of us to a “different you” for our “next level.”

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TransAm Trail

“The TransAmerica Trail is the cross-country ride of a lifetime, with over 6,000 miles of mostly off-pavement travel and updates as needed from the creator, Sam, to keep the trail current. From scenic vistas and unique attractions to rough terrain and challenging conditions, the TAT presents every rider with the opportunity for an unforgettable journey and memories that will last a lifetime. Depending on the weather and location, riders may face challenges including mud, sand, snow, and rocks among others. As the trail is made up of dirt, gravel, forest, farm, and brief sections of paved roads, The TAT may be traversed using either a dual-sport motorcycle or a 4×4 vehicle.”

We have purchased our motorcycles, (2) Suzuki DR650, and (2) Yamaha XT250.



Our decision to purchase (2) pairs of motorcycles was made based on rider comfort-size and weight of bike, and then spare parts-two different bikes opposed to four means fewer spare parts to pack for the trip.

The list of preparations is long. Besides the purchasing and packing for self-contained travel, leaving the farm for one month adds a whole page of non-trip related planning.

Despite the overwhelming lists, the excitement is building. I am making a concerted effort to enjoy the planning/preparation knowing that, like my bicycle trip, time blinks by quickly and even a month long trip will quickly become a memory. I will do my best to journal the journey.


 Together, let’s enjoy the ride!

5 thoughts on “Are you ready to ride?

    • The plan is to for June of next year(2019). I don’t know whether bowing down is the correct reaction…..let’s wait and see if I survive a month on the road surrounded by these men of mine. The trail might seem easy compared to that 😉


  1. Is this a family trip? What an adventure! I see that the path doesn’t enter Texas, anyway to persuade you to alter that a little?


    • Yes, it is a family trip. I am also trying to persuade my younger brother to join us. He rides motorcycles more than all of us put together, so it seems like a challenge he should take up. I would love to make a Texas stop…just not sure this trip will have much extra time to work with.


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